Looking for an exciting and challenging team-building game that will take your collaboration skills to the next level? Look no further!

During this exciting game, your team will work together to solve a gripping mystery, using your critical thinking skills to gather clues, interview suspects, and even conduct investigations on social media platforms like Instagram.
So what can you expect to gain from this game?
Improved collaboration: In order to solve the mystery at the heart of this game, your team will need to work together like never before.
This will be a great opportunity to practice your presentation skills and hone your ability to convey complex information to others.
The key to success in this game is paying attention to the smallest details
This game is all about solving problems - from piecing together clues to cracking codes and deciphering hidden messages. By playing this game, your team will become more adept at tackling complex problems and finding innovative solutions.
1h and 30 min
3-30 team members
PowerPoint slides for demonstration
Script of the event for the facilitator
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